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One Million Minutes Of Family Bonding Moments

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One Million Minutes Of Family Bonding Moments
News coming out of Kuala Lumpur has it that more than 6,500 Malaysians were treated to an enjoyable family movie viewing experience recently in Oreo’s nationwide effort to promote family togetherness.

Oreo’s “One Million Minutes of Bonding Moments” campaign resulted in a total of over five million minutes of bonding moments dedicated by loyal Malaysian families.

In our hectic lifestyles, families are encouraged to spend quality time with their family and indulge in enriching their relationships between one another.

“We believe that family relationships are worth investing in as they will carry us through every season in life and we hope that this experience has truly strengthened the bonds within Malaysian families across the country,” said Ben Summons, Marketing Director of Kraft Foods Malaysia.

At the event, families young and old were seen enjoying their time together while spending time with each other over the family-friendly comedy movie – the latest Monsters University.

“This has been a wonderful and enjoyable experience with my family. As a working dad, sometimes I can get so caught up with work that I allow myself to miss opportunities to bond with my kids. I agree that everyone can make time for special moments to bond with their family every day,” said Mohamad Hanif, father of two children.

This effort is to encourage Malaysians to continue dedicating precious minutes of bonding moments with their families because at the of the day, every little moment counts and bonding moments go a long way in bringing families closer together.

As we might remember from a Disney movie ‘Lilo and Stitch’ where Lilo said 'Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.’

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