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Parenting: Amazing Things That Kids Say

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Parenting: Amazing Things That Kids Say
Kids are amazing gift from God. You just gotta love kids in their element, they some amazing things and gestures and also say some amazing things. I don’t have any yet but I love the ones around me and play with them a lot. I also caution them properly when the occasion demands it. The things that kids say never cease to amaze me. They exhibit wisdom way beyond their age sometimes.

My elder cousin’s 4 year old son revealed something to the father recently. The dad had picked him up from school and was heading home when he said it. This little boy is a passionate and very interesting kid. Kids just say these amazing things innocently just the way their little pure minds can grasp them. This is where the work load of parents are tested in making the kid reinforce the thought process or activity that lead to these startling things kids say or reject it and any future occurrence.

The little boy said;

4 yr old : Daddy do you know what my girlfriend told me?
Daddy  : No I don’t know. What did she tell you buddy?
4 yr old : She said I can tell her anything I want

The daddy’s eyes popped wide open, he laughed hard and then tells the 4 year old son with girlfriend issues…

Daddy : Don’t tell her anything that’s how they deceive us

He was still laughing hard. The son would’ve been a bit disappointed. He is fond of saying funny amazing things like this. I wondered what kinda conversation between male and female 4 year olds that they were having. But you know the best part of parents-kids bonding and intimacy is when you have kids that can tell their parents anything, kids that can confide in their parents. It makes it so easy to keep track of what your kids do and reduce the burden of parenting. It gives a clear glimpse into the mind of that child. It makes you fully aware of what happened in your absence so you make commendations or corrections.

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So if there is anything bothering the kid like any bullying, sexual harassment or any kind of red flags will be nipped in the bud. It is every parents duty to strive and create sustain an ideal communication culture with their kids better understanding and raising better children.

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