Wednesday, 25 May 2016

A Rejoinder To "YOUR SACRIFICES NOT IN VAIN" Speech Allegedly by Mohammadu Buhari

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A concerned citizen's response to the alleged speech; YOUR SACRIFICES NOT IN VAIN by Mohammadu Buhari

Though not sure the text is a real address from PMB but it's time for someone to tell him a few home truths:

  1. It is not GEJ's corruption or misappropriation that caused the economic contraction and suffering but PMB and GEJ's deadly combination of foolish and irresponsible policy responses. GEJ's ineffectual buffoonery slowed us from 6.5 to 2.3% growth, PMB/GEJ's disastrous response to GEJ's buffoonery took us from 2.3% where GEJ left off to -0.38% so let each man stand up and claim his own record!
  2.  Both himself, his veep and beloved minister of everything cannot and do not feel our suffering. They may hear of it and believe some of it but their children don't have heat rash like Fasho stupidly commiserated with us and they certainly don't sleep in the heat neither do they queue for petrol or take public transport. Aso Rock's N3bn budget ensures that. It rings totally false to mouth these hollow platitudes.
  3. Their spokesmen and women need to be trained, from Dabiri Erewa to Femi Adeshina, they've acquired an 'We are in Power Now Syndrome'. And GE when asked why some petrol stations sold >145/ltr arrogantly responded that he knew some who sold for 108, as if his own purchase experience and the rest of Nigerians are the same!
  4. He completely misunderstands the real physical experience of GEJ's economy. While GEJ's people robbed the country blind, the people were okay because the economy was great! Champagne flowed, business class was full, food flowed down in spite of Deziani, Boko Haram etc. it was wasteful and we knew we were losing a golden opportunity to save and reform but physically we were very okay, in fact we were jollofing from a borrowed future while admittedly inequality and a jobless growth existed.
So PMB should stop talking about a false experience of suffering of all the masses. It is during PMB's tenure that the real suffering began and while you can call it the cost of restructuring GEJ's fast and loose ways, PMB shouldn't think we will be automatically grateful, like folks rescued from daily prison beatings and deposited into houses without light, cars without petrol and factories without work but who think 'well this is still better than prison'. We were okay as I pointed out and the cost should have been a bit of belt tightening not a noose around the neck, it should have been a 6 to 2% growth slow down but instead it's a 2 to -.4% contraction.

Come 2019 the physical memory will be of PDP/wasteful jollofing and APC/painful suffering. I wonder what the people will choose.

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