Friday, 29 April 2016

Why Do We Waste When Wanting Of Funds

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A concerned Nigerian lashed out today at the Buhari lead APC government. After nature chef - the sun flambeed him in this scorching heat, the flood in his thoughts was evapourated to reveal these burning questions.

Why do we need a ministry of power when there's no power and we have NERC as regulator ?
Why do we need ministry of petroleum when we have no fuel and we have DPR as regulator?

Why do we need a ministry of culture and tourism when tourism is dependent on personal safety, lack of crime and actual tourist destinations developed NOT by governments. At best a Tourism Promotion Council would work

Why ministry of information/propaganda when ICT is essential part of science and tech

Why 3 finance ministries when I minister could supervise min of states handling budget, revenue generation and trade/investment

Why do we waste when wanting of funds 

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