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Great Lessons From Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg Visit To Nigeria

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Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg_after_a_run_in_Lekki_Lagos_Nigeria_with_the-Road_Warriors
Mark Zukerberg, Affiong Williams, Ngozi Dozie running on Lekki-Ikoyi Bridge

Most wealthy people in the West do not flaunt wealth. Mark Zuckerberg came to Lagos, and he is comfortable doing ordinary things because earned money is different from stolen money.

Are you surprised at the blandness of his wardrobe? Don't be. Mark attended Philips Exeter in New Hampshire; one of the best college preps in America. They teach these things early in prep schools; character, learning and selflessness. In these schools, blandness is normal; formal dress is an Oxford shirt over plain khakis and penny loafers. Informally, you wear polos and boat shoes. The emphasis is on rigorous academic curricula, athletics and etiquette. America separates their thinkers and creatives early, and nurtures them.

Real money is not loud. When money is earned, people work, not because they need money but because they derive joy in doing what they love and contributing to the body of knowledge and to humanity. They know relaxation is a fluke if the contrast of challenging work is absent. They don't waste their lives in hollow pursuits of vain pleasure, material acquisition and conspicuous consumption.

How many rich people in Nigeria have really earned their money and contributed to humanity? Mark is comfortable in his own skin and has nothing to fear jogging on Lekki Ikoyi bridge or navigating puddle ridden curbs in Yaba without the ridiculous immensity of sirens and armed escorts. If you check out their charitable giving, you will be surprised. It is in character; they don't oppress... they build. They invest in people, not things. They make dreams come true, not shatter them. Real money has a strong sense of privilege and the responsibilities that comes with it. Take some useful lessons from this, and use money.... be humane, and don't allow money to use you.

Article written by Flash
Mark Zuckerberg at the Lagos airport

On a lighter note....
One thing I have in common with Mar Zuckerberg is my DNA cold signed love for polo shirts and jeans too lol. I like to wear different colours and designs though. Feel free to join our polo shirt and jeans club, we are one big happy family.

And as a matter national pride and planetary jollof rice domination, Naija has dominated yet again. The jollof rice conquest of Ghana by Nigeria which is as old as the big bang continued as Mark Zuckerberg unequivocally confirms and endorses Nigeria jollof rice as the best, better than Ghana jollof rice. Chale we love you still. I'm thinking, Nigeria jollof rice should be an export commodity.

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