Saturday, 29 October 2016

A Rejoinder to Dino Melaye: The Senate Lout and Thug In Switzerland by Ademola Olateju

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This is a rejoinder from someone in National Assembly, who works closely with Saraki, to the post Dino Melaye: The Senate Lout and Thug In Switzerland by Ademola Olateju.
Thank you so much. Bamidele Ademola and his like should stop thinking they will change Nigeria by being armchair critics. Nigeria don't need anymore of this flock but people who want to actively do something about the ill they see by contesting elections or making sure that those they disagree with don't win elections. The foolishness I see among our elite is that they think there is something special about them because they can speak English. They profess so much love for Nigeria and Nigerians and know more than Einstein how to solve the problems we face but ask them to spare the country a pinch of their knowledge by standing for election and filling up the space that the so called never do wells have usurped they remember that politics in dangerous and wicked and they have a precious family and career to important for politics.

It smacks of the proverbial Chichi dodo that loves maggots but hates the excrement that produce it. Little wonder these politicians don't give them the slightest consideration because apart from talk they do nothing and the masses don't hear them.

Very strange. We have left politics for the F9 students in our classes yet we expect them to produce A1 laws and decisions that will shape our collective future. When the outcome of our decision come back at us we think postulating gives us escape.

But we want to compare them with those in the west who are the bests in the best schools in the world. God help us. He should bury his head in a sand like an ostrich as usual

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