Saturday, 29 October 2016

How To Structure And Run A Sophisticated Investment Scam

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It's an Optimization problem resolved by assigning assumed values to variables and finding the best fit. It can be a legit aggressive move if at the end of the day, all investors get what they thought they were investing in. Nothing personal, just business.

Beardman: I want to build a mini refinery, come and give me money.
MoneyMan: Do you have off takers ?
Beardman: Erm yes, I will bring you the letter next week.

Beardman: I want to build a refinery, MoneyMan and MoneyWoman will finance me but I need an
                  off taker, give me a letter of off take.
OilMan:     Ok but do you have a technical partner.
Beardman: Erm yes, I will bring you the letter in three days.

Beardman:  Will you be my technical partner on my fantastic one in a million mini refinery, I will
                    pay you O&M that will change your life .
TechPartnerMan: Do you have money and off-taker?

BeardMan: Erm sure, just sign this MOU and I will bring you the two letters next week.

BeardMan: OilMan here's the TP MOU. Just sign the off-take letter template right there!

BeardMan: MoneyMan, here's the offtake and TP letter I got from this Imperial Guy, the top guy in secondary oil recovery. Gimme LOI so that I can go take FDI with my board.

News conference, Beardy Refineries LTD announces $1bn palm oil refinery, lines up PE, Banking, Technical and Offtake consortium, Japanese investor drops $20m as equity!!πŸ“ΈπŸ“½πŸ“Ί

MoneyMan, MoneyWoman, TechPartnerMan, OilMan: 😀 I thought it was a crude oil refinery, WTF!!!

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